why is necessary styling study service?
comunicaci├│n eficiente a trav├ęs de la vestimenta

Every little detail about you as (lines, colors, shapes of your clothes, your own physiognomy, your gestures, the way you move your body...) communicate a particular code information. Many times we do not reach our goals due to poor communication, in which "what is said" is eclipsed by "how is said".

Have you ever analyzed where information codes that make you have a certain view of people come from? The opinion we have of the other is determined by what we observe, but do not really know exactly where these image codes come from, the brain simply "tag" people based on what you see without being aware of where it comes from.

Did you know that the clothes you use project key information about you? The characteristics of the items of clothing (lines, shapes, color, volume, fabric) must be analyzed when dressing in order to transmit the communication objective that is appropriate to your needs.

The Styling Study service responds to all this, because through it, first, you will know what are the qualities of image you show through your own physical characteristics and clothing that you use, and secondly, I will give you the proposals in terms of styling to help you project your desired image. Because remember, to make communication effective through clothing, it must be not only flattering but it also must have a number of features that help you achieve your communication objective.

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