why is necessary color test service?
comunicación eficiente a través del test de color de Pruebate


You have probably listened to the symbolism of colors (blue transmits seriousness, green serenity...).

But, what happens when colors interact with us? The result is that the symbolism is worthless, because our skin tone, hair and eyes determine how colors affect us, giving therefore different qualities depending on the person.

Colors, as it happens with lines or shapes of clothing, not only affect you in terms of beauty (more or less flattering) but they also affect you in terms of quality image. For example, red color can make someone project closeness and the same color can make a different person transmit seriousness.

Can you imagine the communication result of a high school teacher who projects closeness if he also uses colors that increase this quality? Possibly, his students don’t take him seriously.

So, don’t you think is necessary to know how colors affect you and make them an important tool of communication?

Note: Unlike other color test methods, I don’t “prohibit" the use of any color, it is understood that the choice of one color or another is the result of personal preference. It consists to determine what the most flattering colors are for you within each color range. Thus, a person who does not favor yellow color, will know which colors within the range of yellows are more flattering. .

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