have you ever thought about what you transmit?
comunicaion no verbal

Do you know the great impact that lines, shapes, colors...of your clothes have on the image you project?

Do you know that your body language can be your worst enemy or your best ally as it reveals your feelings, thoughts...?

Are you aware that every little detail about you transmits a particular code and that all of them form the image others have of you?

Think that personal communication is only determined by "the word" is a big mistake and this premise is the result of many communication problems. What happens when what is said doesn't reflect how you say it? This imbalance is responsible for a poor communication that has a direct impact on your personal and professional successes.

If you are willing to reach your goals, let me help you. As a Personal Image and Communication Consultant, I'll study all the qualities of image you project to from there, give you the specific tools to your particular case, to help you transmit your desired image. Challenge yourself!

You can't not communicate! Make your personal and professional communication a success!

do you know what say about you...?
non verbal communication pruebate

Have you ever wondered what image qualities make you project the sinuous lines of your clothes?
Proximity, seriousness, confidence, dynamism...every type of clothes' lines make us project a different image quality. Find out how talk your clothing lines about you and learn how to use those that help you achieve your communication goal.

non verbal communication

Do you know what kind of impact yellow color has on your image?
When colors interact with you (skin tone, hair...), make you project unique qualities that can't be extrapolated to other individuals. Discover what colors say about you and learn how to use them according to your needs.