clients opinions
"my surprise was complete...she has helped me to recover my self-confidence. I look much more better and younger"
I recently had the good fortune to know Marina Fernández, Personal Image Consultant. I admit that in the begining I was a little reluctant to all these kind of things; I have always thought that people have to be their own self and dress as they want to, but I felt there was something wrong on me, I wasn't feel comfortable with myself, I had doubts about the way I dressed; my wardrobe was completely obsolete, so I decided to put myself in her hands. My surprise was complete, because I soon realized it was more than a few simple tips, she made a thorough study of myself, at the point of recovering the self confidence I lost. She has awakened in me the joy of living, in a word, I look much prettier and younger. But the best thing is that all was already inside me and she helped me to recover it.

Thank you so much, Marina!

Lola V.

(Complete Image Consultancy))

"not only she has got the most out of my face and hair, i have also learned to project self confidence through them"

I contacted Marina Fernández because I really wanted her "to do something with my face", I didn't like it. She not only has got the most out of my face and hair, but also I have learned to project self confidence through them. It's absolutely incredible! Thank you so much!

Carmen M.

(Visagism Study)

"it's amazing how your image can change both the way you relate to your environment and vice versa... i feel more comfortable and consistent with the way i am"

Due to professionals reasons I decided to contact Pruebate and I would like to briefly tell my experience. I am psychologist and in my profession not only is important what your patientes communicate but also what you, as a professional, communicate. After the consultancy process with Marina Fernández I started to realize that important changes began to occur in my therapies. By showing a closer image, patients also opened more to me. It's amazing how image can change both the way you relate to your environment and vice versa. Besides, I also use all the tools in my personal life and now I feel more comfortable, beacuse before I showed an image that didn't defined me properly.

Martina F.

(Color Test)